Saturday, December 12, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 javelin glitch patch hits today

Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling has revealed that the patch for the notorious "javelin glitch" has passed certification by Microsoft and is due out today. In case you were unaware, the glitch allows players to do something naughty with a piece of equipment that turns them into a suicide bomber, killing themselves while taking down all surrounding players.

Xbox 360 update: latest patch just passed certification," Tweets Bowling. "They just need to push it live. Goodbye Javelin glitchers!"

Kind of amusing that Microsoft can certify a patch pretty quickly when it wants to. Meanwhile, the Castle Crashers patch, the one required to enjoy the online section of the game at all, was sat on by the platform holder for months and months following the game's release. Seems that, if you want a patch released in any decent amount of time, you need to be called Infinity Ward.

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Modern Warfare 2 Hardcore Team Death Match Invasion w/Commentary

Here's my newest video! Check it out, and as always give me some props. You know it makes me feel good. High-Def video is on the way and will arrive shortly; just chill and enjoy this awesome video and commentary for now.

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| Modern Warfare 2 Search and Destroy Rundown w/ Commentary

This is ConTracK_Killer's first gameplay video released to the net. Give him some praise and positive feed back. The video quality isn't "top-notch," but we are working on that.